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Vol 178
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Microprocessor excitation systems of electromechanical complexes with synchronous motors

D. A. Ustinov
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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Perfection of systems of excitation is defined both actualization of known requirements, and occurrence new. We shall note the following: increase of the entrance moment, increase in dynamic stability, decrease in losses, maintenance of requirements on quality of the electric power networks of feed, group management and regulation, a mode of operation with a minimum level of service. Performance of these requirements with a necessary level of efficiency is provided with application of the power keys operated by a voltage (IGBT, IGСТ) and microcontrollers. New electronics allows to maintain the equipment with a minimum level of service, but generates a new problem of replacement of accessories at long operation. For example, alternation of generations of microcontrollers demands drawing up and debugging of the new program.

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