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Vol 180
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Ways to optimize the parameters of drilling and blasting operations during mining of chambers of Maleevsky mine by the method of borehole charges on the basis of consideration of rock mass properties

V. A. Artemov1
S. V. Shcherbich2
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  • 1 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 2 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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In given article the opportunity of use of the data on reaction of the destroyed environment to dynamic influence at the explosive destruction is considered, the parameters of speed and acceleration displacement of environment received by tool measurements and allowing purposefully to correct conditions pressurization depending on properties of a destroyed environment.

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  1. Азаркович А.Е. Взрывные работы вблизи охраняемых объектов / А.Е.Азаркович, М.И.Шуйфер, А.П.Тихомиров. М.: Недра, 1986.
  2. Нефедов М.А. Исследование напряженного состояния среды для прогнозирования результатов взрыва // Физические процессы горного производства. Л., 1977. Вып.4.

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