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Vol 194
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Conditions of formation of mining complexes providing their sustainable development

E. M. Pronin1
V. E. Vasilev2
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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Possibility of formation of a mining complex arises on the basis of advanced industrial production, in the conditions of growing technical progress, in the presence of sufficient financial assets as only in these conditions it is possible to solve most full a problem of maintenance of manufacture without waste by means of the closed production cycle including system of the industrial and production and serving enterprises, system of effective preservation of the environment, on the basis of introduction of modern methods of the organization and management, planning and the manufacture account. The sustainable development of the mining enterprises is in a greater degree predetermined by interrelation between the enterprises entering into a mining complex. At the same time, the concrete maintenance of the economic relations, which influence is still insufficiently full opened on, all system of the enterprises would transform them into a uniform complex.

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