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Vol 195
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Physical and mathematical modelling of level- chamber method operational parameters at the bottom level of Gubkin mine

Vladimir S. Litvinenko1
E. I. Boguslavskii2
P. V. Korzhavykh3
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Technological solutions of ore loss reduction in interchamber pillars at bottom levels design of Gubkin mine are developed. Research based on physical (with the use of equivalent materials) and mathematical (finite element method) modelling has been carried out. The requirement for pilot work before industrial scale use is  established.

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  2. Кузнецов Г.Н. Моделирование проявлений горного давления / Г.Н.Кузнецов, М.Н.Будько, Ю.И.Васильев. Л., 1968. 280 с.

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