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Studies of the stress-strain state of intrusion in the process of joint mining of ore deposits of the Oktyabrskiy and Talnakhskiy deposits

A. N. Shabarov1
V. A. Zvezdkin2
A. G. Anokhin3
About authors
  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 2 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 3 — ZF OJSC MMK «Norilsk Nickel»
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Features of the stress field in the ore-bearing intrusions of the October and Talnakhskiy deposits, with taking into account the depth of the ore deposits and the formation of tectonic disturbances are considered. Analysis of tension underworked and overworked intrusion. The dependencies  of stress  field formation in the intrusion in the joint working out of intrusion ore deposits are obtained. Recommendations on joint working out of intrusion ore deposits Oktyabrskiy and Talnakhskiy deposits are given.

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  1. Инструкция по безопасному ведению горных работ на рудных и нерудных месторождениях, объектах строительства подземных сооружений, склонных и опасных по горным ударам. РД06-329-99. М., 2003. 81 с.
  2. Моделирование в геомеханике / Ф.П.Глушихин, Г.Н.Кузнецов, М.Ф.Шклярский и др. М.: Недра, 1991. 240 с.
  3. Указания по безопасному ведению горных работ на Талнахском и Октябрьском месторождениях, склонных и опасных по горным ударам. Норильск, 2007. 99 с.

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