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Vol 148 No 2
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Specifics of drilling flowing wells in intervals of unstable formations

N. I. Nikolaev1
E. Yu. Tsygelnyuk2
N. S. Konokotov3
N. A. Shatov4
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  • 1 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 2 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 3 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 4 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
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One of the most common types of geological complications arising when drilling wells through permafrost rocks is the violation of wellbore integrity due to changes in the natural stress state of the surrounding massif. Securing the wellbore walls with casing requires switching to a smaller drilling diameter, and the use of grouting materials for grouting fractured rocks is ineffective, since cracks are usually filled with ice, preventing the penetration of grouting material into them.

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