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Vol 155 No 1
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The influence of technology on the formation of the load during the construction of the column station of the St. Petersburg Metro "Komendantsky Prospekt"

P. A. Demenkov
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The construction technology of subway stations significantly affects the development of the stress-strain state (SSS) of the lining-soil system. This work is aimed at revealing the nature of this influence and changes in the stress-strain state of the station column-crest complexes in the geological conditions of the St. Petersburg Metro. In-situ studies were carried out at the "Komendantsky Prospekt" station, which is under construction, during 7 months. Measurements were made with string sensors of linear deformations and a portable digital period meter. The regularities were revealed and the influence of technological processes (development of the upper vault, core, reverse vault and disassembly of temporary filling tubing) on the formation of the stress-strain state of the column-race complexes was evaluated.

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