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Vol 160 No 2
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Directions in teaching rhetoric in the gymnasium

E. S. Simakova
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  • S.A. Esenin Ryazan State Pedagogical University
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The multidimensionality of rhetoric and its division into general and private rhetoric determines the relevance of the issue of selecting the content of rhetoric education in schools of different types. Gymnasium as a school of advanced level aims to provide students with a broad humanitarian education and communicative-cognitive development. In this regard, it is necessary to include rhetoric in the curricula of gymnasiums. Despite the differences in the content of rhetoric education in gymnasium classes of different profiles (economic, legal, pedagogical and others), in general we can distinguish the following directions of teaching rhetoric in gymnasiums: 1) study of theoretical material; 2) training of students' pronunciation skills; 3) study of literary language norms; 4) reading, listening and analyzing rhetorical samples; 5) study of practical means of rhetoric, including speech genres; 6) creation by students of their own texts on the basis of the studied rhetorical mediums; 4) study of rhetorical samples, including speech genres; 5) study of practical means of rhetoric, including speech genres; 5) study of rhetoric in gymnasiums; 5) study of rhetoric in gymnasiums.

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