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Vol 181
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Influence of blast waves on the stressed state of the barrier pillar at carrying out of parallel excavations

Yu. N. Antonov
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The stress condition of the barrier pillar in bypassing with the drill and fire system has been studied for the ore massif conditions at the Yakovlevskiy Deposit with application of the finite element method. Estimation of cumulative static and dynamic stresses resulting from charges of various weights is presented for the previously mined entry contour.

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  1. Юревич Г.Г. Охрана выработок от воздействия взрывов / Г.Г.Юревич, В.Д.Беляков, Б.Н.Севастьянов. М: Недра, 1972. 136 с.

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