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Methodical approaches to the factorial analysis of changes of parameters of mining production

F. D. Larichkin
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  • Институт экономических проблем им. Г.П.Лузина, Кольский научный центр РАН
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The methodological and practical issues of changes factor analysis of parameters of mining production are reviewed. The combination of the most significant factors and evaluation of differential their quantitative impact on the resulting technical and economic indicators of the enterprise are defined. The suitability of using the method of a separate study of the individual factors influence on the effective parameter when identifying the most significant of them is substantiated. When the compilation and analysis of the implementation of complex development plans, programs of the enterprise (a complex, industry) the quantitative impact of individual factors (events) on the effective indicator should be determined in turn by the principle of «chain substitutes» in accordance with the planned (actual) chronology of the implementation of specific activities.

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