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Vol 208
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Innovative research investment activity (on the example of «Severstal»)

V. M. Vasiltsova1
V. S. Vasiltsov2
A. O. Egorushkin3
About authors
  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University ( Mining University)
  • 2 — Cherepovets State University
  • 3 — Cherepovets State University
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The most important areas of investment metallurgical enterprises are today is not only the production but also the management of innovation, such as technology management innovation and investment activity of modern industrial enterprise. The article analyzes the nature and practical importance of innovation and investment activity of the example data analysis sustainability OAO«Severstal» in the postcrisis period, examined various components of innovation and investment activity (resource, Scoring and statistics) and their contribution to improving the efficiency of the enterprise in question.

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