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Installation for experimental research of multiphase electromechanical systems

V. M. Tereshkin1
D. A. Grishin2
I. A. Makulov3
About authors
  • 1 — Ufa State Aviation Technical University
  • 2 — LLC «Gas-Project-Engineering»
  • 3 — LLC «Gas-Project-Engineering»
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The subject of this study is an installation for experimental research designed to study the characteristics and control algorithms of multiphase motors with the number of working phases from 3 to 8, connected by a star, a triangle, or in another way, allowing phase currents to flow, creating a rotating electromagnetic field. The installation consists of two separate independent units: a controller, or a human-machine control interface, and a power inverter module (converter). The controller is connected to the converter by a two-wire half-duplex interface (RS485) via the Modbus RTU communication protocol. The installation also includes synchronous motors with the number of phases 3, 5, 7. Using the developed installation for experimental research, it is possible to carry out experimental studies of multiphase motors when implementing various control algorithms for a converter that implements pulse-width vector modulation. The time required to implement control algorithms is minimal. According to the results of the experiments, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of multiphase motors in terms of energy efficiency, in terms of vibration of electromagnetic origin, in dynamic parameters. An experimental assessment of the load of the converter keys is possible. The created installation is an effective tool for checking the reliability of the results of theoretical studies of electromechanical systems based on multiphase motors. 

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