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Vol 230
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Metallurgists of the Mining university and development of monetary industry. 245 years of history

V. Yu. Bazhin1
T. A. Aleksandrova2
E. L. Kotova3
Denis Viktorovich Gorlenkov4
R. S. Susorov5
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  • 1 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • 2 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • 3 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • 4 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
  • 5 — Saint-Petersburg Mint
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Monetary industry combines several stages of metallurgical processes, which are continuously improved with the development of technology and the level of knowledge in the field of non-ferrous metals. The graduates of the Mining Institute, metallurgists of several generations, took part in establishment the Mint and development of technology to produce coins. Since January 24, 1718, when Peter the Great signed the decree «on production of small and large coins ...», the history of the monetary system of Russia and the coining of the first silver rubles began, which subsequently formed the basis of money relations. Twenty-four graduates of the mining and metallurgical departments of the Mining University worked as heads and münzmeister of the Mint. Silver rubles and work of Russian münzmeisters provided financial stability in Tsarist Russia from 1718 to 1917 and laid the foundation for further development of the monetary industry, taking into account new knowledge in the field of enrichment, preparation of polymetallic ores and their melting, and also stamping and processing of precious metals. This is the history of Russia and St. Petersburg, it combined the history of the Mining University, which this year will be 245 years old. It is of scientific interest to restore historical justice and update the methodological knowledge in the field of technology of monetary industry and metallurgical processes.

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