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Vol 147
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Research work of the Department of Engineering Geodesy

V. I. Pavlov
S. A. Korobkov
G. A. Golovin
A. V. Zubov
V. A. Kiselev
Yu. N. Kornilov
I. S. Pandul
V. V. Petrov
O. E. Khazov
V. G. Potyukhlyaev
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A brief account of the main directions of research and engineering activities of the Department of Engineering Geodesy is given. The development of scientifically justified methods of complex research of three-dimensional deformations of tower-shaped structures and architectural monuments of Staraya Russa is continued. New formulas for calculating slope for cramped conditions were introduced. An analytical method for the processing of paired photographs for applied photography has been developed. Principles of coordinate-measurement systems application were developed. Methodological provisions for cadastral mapping using modern electronic geodetic instruments were developed for the cadastral evaluation of land and real estate of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. A new methodology for accuracy assessment based on tensor analysis and application of vector error theory was developed. Research in the field of mining geomechanics was continued: a three-dimensional computer model of rock mass along the oil pipeline route was created.

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