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Improvement of prospective technologies for mineral deposit mining

V. P. Zubov
Yu. D. Dyadkin
O. V. Kovalev
N. I. Slyusarev
S. V. Vasilev
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The results of scientific research of the Department of Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits, carried out in 2000 on problematic issues of underground mining of coal, shale and salt deposits, are presented. The requirements to the technological schemes of reservoir development in areas with limited size when using high-capacity mechanized mining complexes are formulated. Ways of increasing the efficiency of mining thin coal seams with the use of jet installations are proposed and substantiated. The causes of dynamic collapse of the roof rocks in the lower faces of the layered systems of development are investigated. Conclusions are made about the most promising ways of development of technogenic and oil and gas fields. Recommendations on underground coal combustion for steam and power generation have been developed.

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