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Vol 148 No 2
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Assessment of the level of acoustic effect from an open pit explosion

M. G. Egorov1
V. A. Artemov2
V. A. Mikhailov3
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  • 1 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 2 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 3 — St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The intensity of the airborne shock wave (AHW) impact on the structures located in the area of blasting operations, when designing blasting operations, is estimated by the value of excess pressure at the front of the wave. As an admissible level of exposure is usually taken the overpressure at the front of the shockwave 700-800 Pa, at which the destruction of glazing of buildings does not occur. However, the dynamic waves formed during the explosion with a pressure drop of about 1 kPa with low (16-60 Hz) and infra-low frequencies can cause dizziness and headaches in the population.

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  1. Егоров М.Г. Расчёт параметров ударный воздушной волны при короткозамедленном взрывании // Проблемы теории проектирования карьеров: Межвуз. сборник научн. трудов / Cанкт-петербургский Горный ин-т. СПб, 1995.
  2. Единые правила безопасности при взрывных работах / НПО ОБТ. М., 1993.

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