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Vol 150 No 2
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Complex modeling of load distribution on the subway tunnel lining

M. O. Lebedev
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The process of load formation on the tunnel lining can be generally represented as a curve, in the character of its development there are three components reflecting the influence of the face and the contact conditions between the lining and the massif, depending on the technology of its construction. The magnitudes of the loads depend on the distance from the tunnel face, at which the lining comes into contact with the rock mass and the condition of continuity of movement of tunnel contour and lining will be satisfied. The task of determining the loads on the lining is solved from the condition of joint deformation of the lining-soil massif system. The elastic model of interaction between the lining and the rock mass according to G.N.Savin is considered. When the lining interacts with the rock mass, the lining does not interact with the massif instantaneously, but at a certain distance from the bottom hole. In order to approximate the calculated values of loads to the actual ones, it is necessary to take into account the bottom hole influence. The solution of the interaction problem is reduced to the contact problem - the problem of continuum mechanics. The deformation modulus is replaced by the reduced modulus. The proposed method of calculation of loads on tunnel linings has been programmatically realized in the DELPHI for Windows environment. The program allows to make two-dimensional and volumetric interpretation of the computational data and to output the results of the program's work to the printer.

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