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Vol 152
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Economic market culture in Russia: the difficulties of formation in the modern period

E. G. Katysheva
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The process of transition to a market economy in Russia was accompanied by serious economic, political, and social problems. People's personality traits corresponded to the totalitarian system, and therefore it was difficult for them to break the usual social traditions, stereotypes, and attitudes. Passivity was characteristic of the consciousness of the masses. The departure from socialism was possible only when the population adapted to the new market conditions and a new economic culture was developed. Economic culture determines the values and interests of people in their economic activities. Russian society is faced with a deficit of economic culture, expressed in a lack of understanding of the mechanisms of market economy; this explains the "savagery" of the Russian market. The economic culture of society forms a social mechanism that determines the nature of the economy of the country.

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