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Features of the formation of the stress-strain state of the structural elements of the St. Petersburg Metro station Prospekt Prosveshcheniya

P. A. Demenkov
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The task of full-scale studies was to observe the processes of expansion in the ends of reinforced concrete beams and the formation of the stress-strain state of reinforced concrete and steel columns. The measurements were carried out with the help of string sensors of linear deformation (PLDS-400) and a portable digital periodometer (PCP-1). Long field observations (14 years) of the development of the stress-strain state of the column-carrier complex were carried out at the deep-filled column-type station. As a result of analyzing the obtained data, we concluded that the applied method of uncompressing the transoms with Freycinet jacks does not lead to the transition of their girder double-concrete operation into a single-jointed arch one. The regularities were revealed and the effect of technological processes (development of the upper vault, core and reverse vault) on the formation of the stress-strain state of the column-carrier complex was evaluated. The last measurement made at the end of 2001 showed that the process of stress and strain development over time continues to this day.

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