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Vol 156
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Surveying and geodesy

Determination of latitude and azimuth without the aid of a chronometer by a star with unknown coordinates

I. S. Pandul
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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A new original method of determining the astronomical azimuth of the direction without knowing the coordinates of the location, sidereal time, and equatorial coordinates of the star is proposed. The azimuth is determined by double measurements of the zenith distances of the same star, horizontal directions to it, and measurements with a stopwatch of the difference of hour angles. A theoretical justification of the method is given and the most favorable observational conditions are investigated. The technique of measurements, sequence of field stages of work is given. The schemes of the observation log and calculation sheets are given. The proposed method will allow wider implementation of astronomical azimuth determinations in the practice of topographic and applied geodetic works.

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