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Vol 156
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Specific features of the formation of the vertical load on the column lining of the "Komendantsky Prospekt" subway station

P. A. Demenkov
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The paper shows the nature of formation of the vertical load on the column-type lining of the "Komendantsky Prospekt" station of the St. Petersburg subway deep-laid with regard to the technology of its construction. On the basis of numerous field studies, mathematical modeling by the finite element method (FEM) was carried out. The three-dimensional elastic and viscoelastic models at various stages of the station construction were used for the calculations. The calculations resulted in the construction of epures of vertical load distribution on the deep-filled metro station column lining. The character and regularities of its formation without and taking into account the influence of the middle tunnel face were revealed.

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