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Vol 160 No 2
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School and communication: Reflections on education in the future and in the present

S. E. Tikhonov
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  • Yamalo-Nenets District Institute for Advanced Training of Education Workers
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The most important goal of education today is to teach ways of action based on consistently offered vital knowledge. In this connection, what is the role of communication in education (including teaching and learning)? According to S.A. Mineyeva, teaching is, first of all, communication. It is necessary to educate in action, through interested developmental activity in the proposed circumstances of equal subjects of modern and timely education. This kind of activity is possible only in real dialog. It is this kind of dialog that can significantly help to build rhetoric as an educational subject that contributes to the development and improvement of rhetorical (more broadly - speech and thinking) activity of students. Today, in many cases, true dialog in teaching is unfortunately not yet possible. It is known that every child is a whole world. The teacher creates Worlds. To hear each other's Voices, it is necessary to be in Dialogue. It can be argued that in the 21st century (including the period of education modernization) it is impossible to do otherwise. The school of the future is born today. Its sprouts in the dialogical present, which preserves and uses the experience and traditions of Russian education. As the Perm philosopher I.I. Churilov correctly noted: "There is no education outside of communication".

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