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Vol 160 No 2
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Rhetorical tournament as a form of extracurricular activities

L. V. Zhilevskaya
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  • Secondary school No6
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The speech at the rhetorical tournament is built according to the laws of the genre chosen by the students (we already count more than a hundred genres in which a student can realize himself/herself), and holding this competition becomes a school-wide event. In the course of preparation there is speech and thinking activity in the aspect of correlation of the proposed topic with personal capabilities, everyone is looking for his or her niche in the concept (or a number of concepts) proposed as a topic. And the given (as a concept) should pass into a new one, i.e. it should be formulated in the form of a thesis. There is the construction of the text on the model of the chosen genre, the selection of speech means - speech is improved. In this contest is an equal opportunity for all students, feelings of success and rhetorical skills cannot help but influence the study of other school disciplines, and, of course, this activity has an educational aspect: there is a disclosure of positive personal traits, there is a desire not only to improve their speech, but also to improve themselves.

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