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Vol 167 No 2
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Research article
Mining. Ecology

Use of bioactive substances at recultivation of bulk dumps and technogenic formations

N. A. Gasparyan
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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One of the main sources of hazardous air pollution in the territories of mining, metallurgical and enrichment complexes and adjacent areas are dusty surfaces of bulk dumps. As a result of wind erosion fine-dispersed fractions are the most dangerous from the point of view of impact on respiratory organs, easily carried away from the surface for long distances. The method providing reduction of dust formation and dust transfer of fine-dispersed materials, increase of bioproductivity of bulk dumps and quick reclamation is offered. The results of tests of the protective coating for resistance to air flow and the results of bioproductivity of the treated surfaces of dumps are presented.

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