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Vol 171
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Management of rock pressure and gas emission in the excavated space during the development of coal seams at great depths

A. V. Montikov
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The necessity of development of new principles of approach to organization of degasification works at coal mines and directions of improvement of technological schemes at development of high-gas-bearing coal seams at great depths is grounded. The technological scheme of working out of a mining area with a direct flow ventilation scheme, with isolation of excavated space and protection of preparatory workings with cast strips from quick-hardening materials is offered.

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  1. Патент № 2203425 РФ. Способ предотвращения взрывов газа в выработанном пространстве очистных забоев угольных шахт / Ю.В.Шувалов, А.В.Монтиков, И.А.Павлов. 2003. БИ № 12.

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