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Vol 172
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Research article

Increase of technical and economic indicators of layer mining of thick hollow seams of Kuznetsk coal basin

S. A. Sidorenko1
A. A. Sidorenko2
D. Yu. Nikishin3
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  • 1 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
  • 2 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
  • 3 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The know-how of layer improvement of thick hollow seams in the mines of Kuzbass is analyzed. The conclusion is made about the necessity of subcladding justification of the location of local development workings of layer 2, providing the minimization of costs for their development and maintenance. The influence of mining engineering factors on the stress-strain state of rock massif in the vicinity of layer 2 layer workings has been investigated. Recommendations on the choice of rational location of local development workings are made. The economic benefit from the implementation of the developed recommendations is estimated.

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  1. Фрянов В.Н. Обоснование параметров технологии подготовки и отработки мощных пологих пластов / В.Н.Фрянов, А.В.Чубриков. Новокузнецк, 2002.
  2. Сидоренко С.А. Определение рационального места расположения участковых подготовительных выработок при слоевых системах разработки / С.А.Сидоренко, А.А.Сидоренко // Записки Горного института. Т.167. СПб, 2006.

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