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Vol 194
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Features of training of personnel for the Аrctic marine hydrocarbon fields development

A. M. Fadeev1
F. D. Larichkin2
A. E. Cherepovitsyn3
About authors
  • 1 — Institute of Economic Problems after G.Luzin, Kola Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Science
  • 2 — Institute of Economic Problems after G.Luzin, Kola Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Science
  • 3 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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Article shows spectrum of specialists’ professional training questions for the marine hydrocarbon field’s development. Number of prepared specialists and quality of got education by graduates in modern high schools, and also requirement of oil and gas complex for highly skilled administrative staff is analyzed. The basic directions for preparation of the qualified experts in the field  of innovative development of oil and gas complex are specified and offers on educational process optimization are formulated. The considerable attention of specialists in the area of economics and management, and also complex processing of raw materials is paid.

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