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Vol 194
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Ultra wide band gpr-method: success and problems

V. B. Boltintsev1
V. N. Ilyakhin2
K. P. Bezrodnyi3
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  • 1 — BJSC SPF «Geodizond»
  • 2 — BJSC SPF «Geodizond»
  • 3 — JSC NIPII «Lenmetrogiprotrans»
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An advanced method of ultra-wide band electromagnetic ground penetrating  probing has been developed. This method enables the running of geological probing measurements from both the surface of the land and the boring face during construction of tunnels up to a depth of one hundred meters, and in special cases, even deeper. Portable equipment of low weight is used for these underground radar measurements. Total weight is not more 15 kg. Time of geological cut measurement and its data processing is approximately 3 hours for probing depths of about 70 m.

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