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Ecological aspects of vehicle tunnels ventilation in the conditions of megalopolises

S. G. Gendler
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  • Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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The characteristic of Russia and foreign vehicle tunnels are provided in paper and advantages of their placement in the conditions of the city are noted. It is shown that one of the main factors defining negative impact on environment in the period of tunnels driving is mine equipment, and at operation – vehicles. The analysis of essential differences of features of pollution of atmospheric air at construction of tunnels from its pollution at construction of buildings on a surface is given. The examples illustrating levels of negative impact of the upcast ventilation shaft airflow on atmospheric air are given and the ventilation schemes reducing this influence are offered. It is shown that during operation of road tunnels of pollution of the air environment can extend on considerable distances from tunnel portals. Numerical calculations of concentration of carbon oxides and nitrogen during removal of the upcast ventilation shaft airflow through portals and through the mines built near them are executed. Technical solutions on purifications of tunnel air by means of electrostatic filters are described.

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