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Results of complex experimental studies at Vostok station in Antarctica

Aleksei V. Bolshunov1
Dmitrii A. Vasilev2
Andrei N. Dmitriev3
Sergei A. Ignatev4
Vyacheslav G. Kadochnikov5
Nikita S. Krikun6
Danil V. Serbin7
Vyacheslav S. Shadrin8
About authors
  • 1 — Ph.D. Scientific Director of the Laboratory Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 2 — Research Engineer Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 3 — Ph.D. Associate Professor Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 4 — Ph.D. Head of Department Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 5 — Ph.D. Leading Engineer Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 6 — Assistant Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 7 — Leading Engineer Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
  • 8 — Research Engineer Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University ▪ Orcid
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Scientific research in the area close to the Russian Antarctic station Vostok has been carried out since its founding on December 16, 1957. The relevance of work to study the region is steadily increasing, which is confirmed by the Strategy for the Development of Activities of the Russian Federation in the Antarctica until 2030. As part of the Strategy implementation, Saint Petersburg Mining University solves the comprehensive study issues of the Vostok station area, including the subglacial Lake Vostok, related to the development of modern technologies and technical means for drilling glaciers and underlying rocks, opening subglacial reservoirs, sampling water and bottom sediments, as well as carrying out comprehensive geological and geophysical research. For the successful implementation of the Strategy, at each stage of the work it is necessary to identify and develop interdisciplinary connections while complying with the requirements for minimizing the impact on the environment. During the season of the 68th Russian Antarctic Expedition, the staff of the Mining University, along with the current research works , began research of the dynamic interactions between the forces of the Earth, from the deepest depths to the surface glacier. Drilling and research programs have been completed. The drilling program was implemented jointly with colleagues from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute at the drilling complex of the 5G well. The research program included: shallow seismic studies, core drilling of snow-firn strata, study of the snow-firn strata petrostructural features, studies of cuttings collection filters effectiveness when drilling snow-firn strata and the process of ice destruction in a reciprocating rotational method, bench testing of an acoustic scanner. As a result of drilling in 5G well at the depth range of 3453.37-3534.43 m, an ice core more than 1 million years old was obtained.

Antarctica Vostok station ice cover drilling research works interdisciplinary connection
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