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Vol 237
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Determination of the Operating Time and Residual Life of Self-propelled Mine Cars of Potassium Mines on the Basis of Integrated Monitoring Data

D. I. Shishlyannikov1
V. A. Romanov2
I. E. Zvonarev3
About authors
  • 1 — Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  • 2 — Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  • 3 — Saint-Petersburg Mining University
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Statistical data on the reliability of self-propelled mine cars (SPMC), operating in the potassium mines of the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salts deposit are analyzed. Identified the main nodes that limit the resource SPMC. It has been proven that the most common failures of self-propelled cars are the failure of wheel hubs, bevel gears and traveling electric motors. The analysis of the system of maintenance and repair of mine self-propelled cars. It is indicated that the planning and preventive system of SPMC repairs is characterized by low efficiency and high material costs: car maintenance is often carried out upon the occurrence of a failure, which leads to prolonged downtime not only of a specific haul truck, but of the entire mining complex. A method for assessing the technical condition of the electromechanical part of a mine self-propelled car by the nature of power consumption is proposed. This method allows you to control the loading of the drives of the mine self-propelled car, as well as to assess the technical condition of the drives of the delivery machines in real time. Upon expiration of the standard service life of a mine propelled car specified in the operational documentation, its further operation is prohibited and the car is subject to industrial safety expertise. As part of the examination, it is necessary to determine the operating time and calculate the service life of a mine self-propelled car outside the regulatory period. A method has been developed for determining the residual service life of mine car on the basis of instrumentation control data in the conditions of potash mines.

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