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Vol 231
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A method for controlling siltation of water catchments of district drainage systems of kimberlite mines

N. P. Ovchinnikov
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  • North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K.Ammosov
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High contamination of mine water leads to intensive siltation of water catchments of district water drainage installations of kimberlite mines in Russia, because of which their pumping equipment periodically works in non-stationary regimes. At present, a number of known methods are used to limit the operation of pumping equipment in non-stationary modes: equipping the pump with a hand hoist to regulate the depth of lowering its suction pipeline into the sinkhole; preliminary dismantling of one of the two screen filters, mounted in the suction pipeline of the pump, which has smaller cells. Experience in the operation of water-drainage farms of kimberlite mines shows that these two methods allow to prevent the operation of pumping equipment in non-stationary modes only for a short period of time. A mine drainage installation is proposed, the technical result of which is the effective struggle against the silting of the water catchments of the district drainage systems of the kimberlite mines of the country.

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