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Yana M. Malkova
Yana M. Malkova
Postgraduate Student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Postgraduate Student
Saint Petersburg Mining University


Metallurgy and concentration
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Monitoring of grinding condition in drum mills based on resulting shaft torque

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Grinding is the most energy-intensive process among all stages of raw material preparation and determines the course of subsequent ore beneficiation stages. Level of electricity consumption is determined in accordance with load characteristics forming as a result of ore destruction in the mill. Mill drum speed is one of process variables due to which it is possible to control ore destruction mechanisms when choosing speed operation mode of adjustable electric mill drive. This study on increasing energy efficiency due to using mill electric drive is based on integrated modelling of process equipment – grinding process and electromechanic equipment – electric drive of grinding process. Evaluating load torque by means of its decomposition into a spectrum, mill condition is identified by changing signs of frequency components of torque spectrum; and when studying electromagnetic torque of electric drive, grinding process is monitored. Evaluation and selection of efficient operation mode of electric drive is based on the obtained spectrum of electromagnetic torque. Research results showed that with increasing mill drum speed – increasing impact energy, load torque values are comparable for the assigned simulation parameters. From the spectra obtained, it is possible to identify mill load condition – speed and fill level. This approach allows evaluating the impact of changes in process variables of grinding process on parameters of electromechanical system. Changing speed operation mode will increase grinding productivity by reducing the time of ore grinding and will not lead to growth of energy consumption. Integration of digital models of the technological process and automated electric drive system allows forming the basis for developing integrated methods of monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency of the entire technological chain of ore beneficiation.

How to cite: Zhukovskiy Y.L., Korolev N.A., Malkova Y.M. Monitoring of grinding condition in drum mills based on resulting shaft torque // Journal of Mining Institute. 2022. Vol. 256. p. 686-700. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2022.91