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Riheb Hadji
Riheb Hadji
Professor, Professor
Ferhat Abbas University
Professor, Professor
Ferhat Abbas University


Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
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Fragmentation analysis using digital image processing and empirical model (KuzRam): a comparative study

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The rock fragmentation reflects the degree of control of blasting. Despite the accuracy of screening analysis to determine the size distribution of blasted rocks, this technique remains complex and long because of the large volume of blasted rocks. The digital image processing method can overcome these constraints of accuracy and speed. Our method uses the empirical model of KuzRam and numerical method (Digital image processing) through two image processing software’s (WipFrag and Split-Desktop) to analyze the particle size distribution of rocks fragmented by explosives in Jebel Medjounes limestone quarry. The digital image processing is based on the photography of the pile of blasted rock analyzed using image processing techniques. The objective of this work is to evaluate and compare the results obtained for each blast from the two methods and to discuss the similarities and differences among them. Three different blasts with the same design were analyzed through the two methods. The result of the KuzRam model gave idealistic results due to the heterogeneity of the structure of the rocks; although, this model can be used for an initial evaluation of blast design. For better efficiency of the explosion, we proposed a new fragmentation indicator factor in order to compare the fragment produced to the estimated ideal size obtained from the KuzRam model by incorporating the blast design parameters and the rock factor. Both image processing gives close results with more accuracy for the Split-Desktop software. Our method can improve the efficiency and reduce crushing costs of the studied career.

How to cite: Saadoun A., Fredj M., Boukarm R., Hadji R. Fragmentation analysis using digital image processing and empirical model (KuzRam): a comparative study // Journal of Mining Institute. 2022. Vol. 257. p. 822-832. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2022.84