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Bashar Issa
Bashar Issa
Postgraduate Student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Postgraduate Student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Saint Petersburg



Metallurgy and concentration
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Influence of heat treatment on the microstructure of steel coils of a heating tube furnace

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Transportation and refining of heavy metal-bearing oil are associated with the problems of localized destruction of metal structures and elements due to corrosion. In the process of equipment operation, it was revealed that premature failure of steel coils of heating tube furnaces at oil refineries and petrochemical plants was associated with insufficient strength and corrosion resistance of the steelwork. The study of the effect that structure and phase composition of 15KH5M-alloy steel elements of heating furnaces at oil refineries have on the corrosion properties, associated with mass loss and localized destructions in the process of heat treatment, allows to develop protective measures and determine heating modes with a rate-limiting step of oxidation. The rate of various corrosion types of 15KH5M steel is used as an indicator to assess the effectiveness of the applied modes of coil heat treatment in order to increase their corrosion resistance and improve their operational characteristics. Conducted experiments on heat treatment of certain steel coil sections allowed to determine rational heating modes for the studied coils, which made it possible to reduce their mass loss and increase corrosion resistance of working surfaces in the process of operation. Proposed heat treatment of steel coils at specified intervals of their operation in the tube furnaces creates conditions for their stable performance and affects the degree of industrial and environmental safety, as well as reduces material costs associated with the repair and replacement of individual assemblies and parts of tube furnaces.

How to cite: Bazhin V.Y., Issa B. Influence of heat treatment on the microstructure of steel coils of a heating tube furnace // Journal of Mining Institute. 2021. Vol. 249. p. 393-400. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2021.3.8