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Mining and geometric peculiarities of D-E, E2, 5-E3 (E3) disturbances of the Komsomolskaya mine field at the OAO Vorkutaugol

M. V. Nikulin1
V. E. Grigorev2
A. L. Panfilov3
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On the basis of mining-geometrical and morphological analysis it was esteblished that the shape of fracture disturbances may vary due to the development of flexure overbending at the areas adjoining the faults.

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  1. Гарбер И.С. Разрывные нарушения угольных пластов (по материалам шахтной геологии) /И.С. Гарбер, В.Е. Григорьев, Ю.Н. Дупак и др. Л.: Недра, 1979.

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