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Rational use of natural resources and environmental protection at mining enterprises

N. Ya. Lobanov
E. A. Kuklina
M. A. Nevskaya
T. V. Golovanova
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The problems of rational use of natural resources and environmental protection in the extraction and processing of mineral raw materials and natural resource potential are considered. Also considered the economic assessment of the consequences of the negative impact on the environment, evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental control. The economic estimation of natural resources is considered as a part of the problem of determining the economic efficiency of all social production. In all this, the most promising is the rent method. It is well combined with the system of market categories and is adequate to market relations. The feasibility study of the field development project is the basis for calculating the mining rent, and the calculation of the size of the rent is based on the assessment of cash flows. Assessment of economic consequences of anthropogenic impact on the environment serves to determine the efficiency of nature management system, justification of nature management strategy and directions of nature protection activity. The criterion of efficiency of environmental protection activities at mining enterprises is the achievement of regulatory requirements and environmental cleanliness with minimal expenditures of resources. The effectiveness of control over the use of natural resources is evaluated in order to improve the economic mechanism of rational use of natural resources. The main objects of research here are the tax system and the investment base of nature management. Priority directions of nature management and basic principles of nature management economy in modern conditions are formulated.

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