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New computer geophysical technologies for prospecting, exploration, and mining of hydrocarbon deposits

A. A. Molchanov
O. F. Putikov
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The article provides information about the results of the development of theoretical and experimental foundations of nonlinear geoelectrochemical methods. Geophysical and physical and mathematical models of jet diffusive galation of oil and gas deposits in heterogeneous soil are presented. The results of computer geophysical technology for studying the interwell space using seismic methods with a new borehole source of elastic vibrations using electrohydraulic effect initiated by an explosive wire. The survey is used to detect unswept oil in the late stages of reservoir development or in fields affected by branched and horizontal wells. The use of tomographic measurements in data processing enables detection of zones of residual oil saturation (unstrained oil) in the interwell space and additional recovery of hydrocarbons using branched operated wells driven from working wells.

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