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Vol 148 No 1
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On the delaminability of unstrengthened heavy coal seam roofs

N. F. Dontsul1
G. N. Zhurov2
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg Mining University
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In the literature, the impact of unstrengthening on the stratification of rocks of heavy roofs has not been given enough attention. As is known, the delamination of layered rocks of the roof of workings significantly reduces their bending stiffness, which eventually leads to a significant increase in the normal to the layering displacements of layers between the layers and the formation of limiting zones. In this regard, prediction of the stratification of unstrengthened in combination with hydraulic treatment of rocks of heavy roofs is important, as it is used in selecting the optimal parameters of coal deposits development systems, providing the necessary operational mode of the working chamber, as well as in solving other important geomechanical problems.

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