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Vol 149
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Development of scientific basis for biogeochemical assessment of coastal aquatic landscapes and initiation of biogeochemical monitoring of Tsemesskaya Bay

V. A. Alekseenko1
L. P. Alekseenko2
A. V. Suvorinov3
B. D. Eletskii4
About authors
  • 1 — Research Institute of Geochemistry of the Biosphere
  • 2 — Research Institute of Geochemistry of the Biosphere
  • 3 — RF Ministry of Education
  • 4 — Department of Education, City Administration
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An environmental-geochemical study was carried out for the landscapes of the Black Sea coast, dividing the territories into regions according to the nature and degree of technogenic impact. A map of geochemical landscapes of Tsemesskaya Bay was drawn up. For the purpose of their biogeochemical assessment, some species of laurel, kelp and green algae growing in the coastal zone were analyzed to determine the concentrations of 20 chemical elements in their ashes. Some elements (Pb, Mn, Cu, Co) characterized by predominant accumulation in cystosira with significant general pollution of coastal areas of the bay were identified. In 1999 there is a slight decrease in the concentrations of some elements in the ash of the studied algae compared to the previous year. In 2000, some increase of element concentrations in ashes of the observed algae was observed.

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