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Vol 150 No 1
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Improvement of the system of mining by floor drifts with coal hydrotreatment

A. A. Sidorenko
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  • Student, research assistant G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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In modern market conditions, the viability of coal mines is determined by the competitiveness of their products. In turn, the competitiveness of mined coal depends on production costs. The solution of the problem of production costs reduction is vital for practically all Russian mines. The most acute problem of decreasing costs is for mines developing powerful steep seams of Prokopyevsk coal deposit in Kuznetsk coal field, where there are big coal reserves, and mining and geological conditions don't allow to use high-capacity cleaning equipment. Objective prerequisites for a sharp reduction of production costs in the mining of powerful steep seams are created by the hydraulic technology of coal mining. The purpose of this work is to create patentable, cost-effective technological schemes to reduce the amount of cutting work, reduce losses and improve the safety of miners. The idea of the work is to increase the height of the substage due to advanced loosening of the coal in its upper part. As a result of this research, a method of excavation of thick steep seams was developed, which allows: to reduce the cost of cutting work (40-50%), to exclude dynamic phenomena such as an air wave with a high velocity pressure, associated with simultaneous collapse of the roof rocks in large areas.

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