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Vol 150 No 2
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Research article

Fuzzy logic in horizontal converter gas control

A. S. Anashkin
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Automated control system of horizontal converter gas mode developed by the author for BOF Shop of Pechenganickel Smelting Shop is described. The task of BOF vessel gas regime control is to maintain rarefaction in its gas path ensuring, on the one hand, maximization of sulfur dioxide content in BOF gases supplied to sulfuric acid production and, on the other hand, minimization of BOF gas emissions into the atmosphere of the shop. The difficulty of solving this task within the framework of the automated control system consists in lack of technical means enabling to control both sulphur dioxide content in the flow of hot dusty gases and gas emissions into the atmosphere of the shop floor through the gaps of the gas path. The Company developed a mathematical model that makes it possible to calculate sulphur dioxide content in BOF gases by indirect indicators (blast flow rate, rarefaction in the dust chamber of converter and temperature of converter gases). To eliminate emissions of BOF gases into the atmosphere of the shop the fuzzy control algorithm is used that allows to formalize and use in the automated system the production experience of operator-technologist, currently manually controlling the gas mode of the converter.

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