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Vol 150 No 2
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Comprehensive solution to the gas content of mined-out space of Vorkuta coal mines and hard-to-cut roof landings

M. M. Popov
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The problem of managing methane emission in the mined-out space of the mines of the Vorkuta coal deposit is considered. The mining-geological and mining-technical conditions affecting the current gas situation are briefly described. The main problems usually arise at a distance of 100-200 m from the mine workings.The main method used to control gas-air flows - the erection of a chug wall. The disadvantages of this method are revealed, which lie in the possible creation of a situation, when the ventilation scheme “direct flow with sublight” turns into a “return” one. Two new ways of solving the problem of the emergence of local concentrations of methane, carried out by air leaks from the worked-out space to the ventilation mine are proposed. The first way is based on the use of foam strips, the second - in the additional laying of strips of filling material. The second method also involves solving the problem of hard-to-crack roof landings. A method of calculating the optimal volume of stowing material for the proposed method, taking into account the necessary undermining of the “Triple” formation, is proposed.

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