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Reducing risk when drilling wells in complex mining and geological and technological conditions

P. Yu. Taninskii
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The introduction of new methods of predicting and preventing complications and accidents during drilling has allowed Western oil companies to save large material and human resources. In our country, little attention was paid to this issue, while increasing the importance of the human factor to the level adopted in Western European countries will allow a more competent and optimal use of resources. High complexity of diagnostics of complications and accidents while drilling wells in complicated conditions requires complex and expensive measuring base, maintenance of which requires highly qualified specialists, psychologically stable, able to make decisions under heavy loads, physical and moral. The most effective use of such specialists will be in conditions of structural reorganization of oil and gas production and processing divisions, which have remained unchanged since the times of planned economy, which in conditions of a sharp fall in oil prices negatively affects the financial well-being of companies.

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  1. Маймс М. Совершенствование технологии наклонно направленного бурения // Нефтегазовые технологии. 2001. № 1.

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