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Vol 152
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Improving the efficiency of plowing systems when developing formations with unstable gripping wall

V. P. Zubov1
S. V. Vasilev2
D. V. Pakhomov3
About authors
  • 1 — Professor G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 2 — Associate Professor G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
  • 3 — Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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A method for controlling the rock mass condition for the working faces using jetting units under unstable roof conditions has been developed. The necessity of increasing the rate of advance of the working face and the use of backfill of the mined-out space to ensure rock stability and uniform loading of the edge part of the formation has been proved. A formula for calculating the critical value of the filling mass suppression, which takes into account the caving step of the main roof, the loosening ratio, the thickness of the immediate roof rocks and can determine the compression properties of the filling mass by modern methods, taking into account the rate of advance of the face and the size of the squeeze zone, has been proposed. The proposed methodology substantiates an increase in the rate of face advance up to 4-6 m/day and the load on the working face by 30%.

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