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Vol 156
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Research article
Surveying and geodesy

On the influence of the construction technology of St. Petersburg metro stations on the process of shifting the earth's surface

M. V. Dolgikh1
E. M. Volokhov2
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  • 1 — ZAO Seventeenth Metrostroy Directorate
  • 2 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The effects of the construction of two column stations of the St. Petersburg subway are considered. Based on the comparison of these effects, as well as on the mathematical modeling of the stages of tunneling works, the analysis of the probable causes of additional subsidence of the ground surface above the stations under construction is given. The possible causes of some specific manifestations of geomechanical processes associated with the application of the new technology of sinking the middle hall of the station column with an advance support are outlined.

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  2. Лиманов Ю.А. Осадки земной поверхности при сооружении тоннелей в кембрийских глинах / Ленинградский ин-т инженеров железнодорожного транспорта. Л., 1957.
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