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Vol 159 No 2
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Research article
Mining electromechanics

Development of a microdiffusion burner design for the combustion of water-coal suspensions in coal mine heating systems

V. A. Voronov
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Water-coal slurries (WCS) are not much inferior to such fuels as oil, fuel oil and gas in their energy characteristics. Their combustion is characterized by high environmental safety, low ash content and high combustion efficiency. For efficient combustion of such fuels special requirements should be imposed on burner devices. Thus, the design of these devices should provide supply not only of fuel itself, but also special channels for supplying air as an oxidizer and atomizer and gas for ignition and maintaining combustion in the initial period. The calculation of basic values, describing the process of fuel combustion, the basic geometrical parameters for burner design and justification of design characteristics of a microdiffusion gas burner for WVS combustion are given.

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