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Vol 161
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Strategic guidelines for the development of the unified gas supply system in the context of gas market reforms

A. E. Cherepovitsyn
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The Unified Gas Supply System of Russia (UGSS) is a fundamental element of the national economy, whose reliable and efficient functioning directly affects its normal operation and the livelihood of all Russian citizens. Russia annually consumes 410 billion m 3 of gas, i.e. more than 70% of the total volume of gas produced in the country. The gas industry accounts for 8 % of the GDP structure, provides a significant part of the budget revenues, as well as more than 19 % of the state's foreign currency earnings from gas exports. The gas market in Russia, with a sufficient resource base and unique technological infrastructure, is characterized by a number of disproportions that may become a factor limiting the development of all participants of the gas market in the future. The principles of the system approach to the UGSS research are considered. A brief overview of the current state of all industries operating within the UGSS is presented. The main conditions and directions of reforming the gas market are specified. Problems facing the gas industry are formulated and the main strategic directions of the UGSS sustainable development in the current conditions are outlined.

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