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Precipitation of heavy non-ferrous metals from sulfate solutions by sulfur-containing precipitants

M. I. Kalashnikova
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  • OAO Gipronickel Institute
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Research on precipitation of heavy non-ferrous metals from sulfate solutions by sulfur-containing precipitants of different composition has been carried out. It is shown that, depending on the composition of the precipitant and process parameters, non-ferrous metals are precipitated from solutions in the form of compounds of different forms with different content of one or another component.

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  1. Лаптев Ю.В. Сера и сульфидообразование в гидрометаллургических процессах / Ю.В.Лаптев, А.Л.Сиркис, Г.Р.Колонин. Новосибирск: Наука, 1987. 257 с.

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