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Vol 167 No 1
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Research article
Mining electromechanics

Information-analytical system of control and formation of gas-transport flows of main gas pipelines

N. Yu. Tropinova
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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In dispatching activity, along with the basic function of process control, a significant place is occupied by decision-making in real-time control of gas flows in the main gas pipeline. At present, decision-making depends on the qualification of dispatch personnel, as there are no software support tools yet. However, there are ways of solving such problems with the involvement of elements of the theory of fuzzy sets (TFS) in combination with the theory of planning of experiment (TPE). The task of the dispatcher is to process the received information and form transportation flows taking into account seasonal, daily changes and economic efficiency of the system. To solve this task, it is necessary to analyze the state of flows at all sections throughout the pipeline and to carry out their redistribution. The purpose of this article is to identify the factors that form the basis of the information control system (ICS) in the formation of gas transportation flows of main gas pipelines (MG).

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